Chofetz Chaim Daily 22-23 Adar

Chofetz Chaim Daily 22 Adar  6:3 If someone wants to tell you LH, ask him if there will be toeles for you to listen. Otherwise asur. 6:4 Mitzva to listen to LH IF: 1) Letting speaker finish his story will allow you to show listeners its false. 2) Listening to angry speaker will vent his anger and prevent from spreading further.

Chofetz Chaim Daily 23 Adar  6:5 If one is in a group of people saying LH who will not accept rebuke & he can’t leave or put his fingers in his ears, then he MUST 1)Resolve not to believe 2)Be unhappy to listen 3)Not show consent. 6:6 It is a sin if he was aware they were going to speak LH before he joined.

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