June 2014


ChofetzChaimDaily 2 Tamuz

ChofetzChaimDaily 2 Tamuz 2:5 The aforementioned heater doesnt apply if one of the three people in the group is not the type to relate what was said (i.e. hes related to the subject or hes the very scrupulous type). 2:6 Also only applies within that city, we dont consider it public knowledge in another city.


ChofetzChaimDaily 29 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 29 Sivan 1:8 Asur to write or hint LH. 1:9 Asur even if one degrades himself at the same time.


ChofetzChaimDaily 28 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 28 Sivan 1:5 It doesnt matter who is trying to get the info from you, its always asur to speak LH. 1:6 Asur even if it will cause a financial loss, even job loss. 1:7 Asur to speak LH even if it will create an awkward or embarrassing situation.


ChofetzChaimDaily 27 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 27 Sivan 1:3 Someone who habitually speaks LH is called a Baal LH which is much worse of a sin and punishment. 1:4 One who commits one of the three cardinal sins is punished in this world and loses his portion in the world to come, A Baal LH is as bad as all of them.


ChofetzChaimDaily 26 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 26 Sivan. Beginning of laws of Issurey LH: 1:1 Asur to speak negatively about anyone. if its true its called LH, if not its Motsi Shem Ra. Biblical source:Lo selech Rachil. 2:2 This is the specific verse for LH, there are many other sins one transgresses in the process, mentioned earlier.


ChofetzChaimDaily 24 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 24 Sivan. 13)Midvar Sheker tirchak, if its a lie. 14)Vihalachta bidrachav, to act like Hashem and not speak LH. This concludes positive commandments.


ChofetzChaimDaily 22 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 22 Sivan 9)Vikidashto, if one speaks LH about a Kohen in front of him. 10)Kabed es avicha v-es imecha, (also applies to step parents and older brother).


ChofetzChaimDaily 21 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 21 Sivan. 7)Umikdashi tiraoo, if you speak LH in shul. 8) Vihadarta pnei zaken, if LH is about a chacham or old person and in front of them.


ChofetzChaimDaily 20 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 20 Sivan. 5)Hocheach tocheach es amisecha, if one doesn’t rebuke an LH speaker. 6)Uvo sidbak, = cleave to Chachamim and not join an LH group.


ChofetzChaimDaily 19 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 19 Sivan 3) Bitzedek tishpot amisecha, if LH was because one didnt judge favorably. 4) Vichai achicha emach if you cause loss to ones livelihood.