October 2014


ChofetzChaimDaily 7 Cheshvan

ChofetzChaimDaily 7 Cheshvan 3:1 Asur to say LH NOT in front of the subject, and in his presence is worse because it will cause a fight. 3:2 Mutar to say something that can be understood as positive or slightly negative, IF you know that you would say it in front of the subject, because if so, your method of speech

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ChofetzChaimDaily 6 Cheshvan

ChofetzChaimDaily 6 Cheshvan 2:12 Asur to degrade a speech that someone gave. If you think he should brush up his act, tell him privately. 2:13 If someone related a business idea in front of three people, you may repeat it, because he obviously isnt trying to keep it private.


ChofetzChaimDaily 5 Cheshvan

ChofetzChaimDaily 5 Cheshvan 2:11 When a community board holds a private vote e.g. to decide whether or not to rehire the chazzan, the voters must NOT relate their own OR others opinions, even if it was positive, because that will inevitably shift the blame on the other voters.


ChofetzChaimDaily 4 Cheshvan

ChofetzChaimDaily 4 Cheshvan 2:9 Heter of Apei Tlasa doesnt allow one to BELIEVE story, add to it, or show you agree to it. See sefer for further elaboration. 2:10 Heter doesnt apply if listener will believe what youre saying. With all its limitations, applying this heter is rare, and many authorities disagree with it anyway.


ChofetzChaimDaily 3 Cheshvan

ChofetzChaimDaily 3 Cheshvan 2:7 If the speaker told his three listeners not to repeat the story, then one cant repeat it, even if the two others didnt obey and repeated. 2:8 No matter what wording he used to tell listeners not to repeat it, you must not. Heter of apei tlasa doesnt apply if 2 said LH to 2.


ChofetzChaimDaily 1-2 Cheshvan

ChofetzChaimDaily 1-2 Cheshvan 2:3 If one was in group of three that heared LH, SOME say that he may repeat the story, because we assume that its now public knowledge. However, even this view only allows random repeating, not to intend to spread story. 2:4 Applies only to those who heard in group of three. (except if e/o already knows).

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ChofetzChaimDaily 29 Tishrei

ChofetzChaimDaily 29 Tishrei 1:8 Asur to write or hint LH. 1:9 Asur even if one degrades himself at the same time.


ChofetzChaimDaily 28 Tishrei

ChofetzChaimDaily 28 Tishrei 1:5 It doesnt matter who is trying to get the info from you, its always asur to speak LH. 1:6 Asur even if it will cause a financial loss, even job loss. 1:7 Asur to speak LH eve if it will create an awkward or embarrassing situation.


ChofetzChaimDaily 27 Tishrei

ChofetzChaimDaily 27 Tishrei 1:3 Someone who habitually speaks LH is called a Baal LH which is much worse of a sin and punishment. 1:4 One who commits one of the three cardinal sins is punished in this world and loses his portion in the world to come, A Baal LH is as bad as all of them.?


ChofetzChaimDaily 26 Tishrei

ChofetzChaimDaily 26 Tishrei. Beginning of laws of Issurey LH: 1:1 Asur to speak negatively about anyone. if its true its called LH, if not its Motsi Shem Ra. Biblical source:Lo selech Rachil. 2:2 This is the specific verse for LH, there are many other sins one transgresses in the process, mentioned earlier.