March 2014


ChofetzChaimdaily 29 Adar

ChofetzChaimdaily 29 Adar 7:5 Mutar to believe LH on someone who is known to constantly transgress serious sins. 7:6 If someone degrades himself and another, you may believe it about himself but not the other.


ChofetzChaimDaily 28 Adar

ChofetzChaimDaily 28 Adar 7:3 Asur to believe LH even if heard from two people. Since they spoke LH, theyre like a rasha who we wont trust to spoil a good persons name. 7:4 Asur to believe rumor that ploni did aveira, just suspect until clarified. One may relate it in conversation, but not purposely spread it.


29 March, 2014 21:51

ChofetzChaimDaily 27 Adar 7:1 Asur to believe LH even if the story was said publicly. 7: 2 Asur to believe LH even if the subject was present while it was said and didnt protest. Obviously its asur to believe LH, if speaker just SAYS he would say it in subjects presence.


ChofetzChaimDaily 26 Adar

ChofetzChaimDaily 26 Adar 6:11 This Heter to suspect, is only to protect yourself. However its absolutely forbidden to mistreat, release oneself from obligations to, or hate that person. 6:12 Tshuva from believing LH includes, removing the story and any ill will from your heart.


ChofetzChaimDaily 25 Adar

ChofetzChaimDaily 25 Adar 6:9 Anything thats asur for someone to SAY, is also LH to BELIEVE. 6:10 One is allowed to SUSPECT that a story is true, IF there is toeles e.g. to protect himself etc. However one must still treat this suspect as a regular Jew for all matters.


ChofetzChaimDaily 24 Adar

ChofetzChaimDaily 24 Adar 6:7 The sin of LH is commonly caused by not judging the subject of a story favorably. 6:8 Its much worse if the subject is a Talmid Chacham, which one is required to try harder to judge favorably.


ChofetzChaimDaily 23 Adar

ChofetzChaimDaily 23 Adar 6:5 If one is in a group of people saying LH, and they wont accept rebuke and he cant leave and cant put his fingers in his ears then, he MUST 1.resolve not to believe anything 2.not be happy to listen 3.not show consent. 6:6 Its still a sin if he was aware they were gonna speak

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ChofetzChaimDaily 22 Adar

ChofetzChaimDaily 22 Adar 6:3 If someone wants to tell you LH, ask him if there will be toeles for you to listen, otherwise asur. 6:4 Mitzva to listen to LH IF… 1. by letting speaker finish his story you will be able to show listeners how its false. 2. by listening to very angry speaker, hell vent his anger and

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ChofetzChaimDaily 21 Adar

ChofetzChaimDaily 21 Adar 6:1 Asur to BELIEVE LH, as it says Losisa sheima shav, its worse than speaking. 6:2 Asur to LISTEN to LH, except if by listening youll be able to protect yourself or others, or other valid toeles.


ChofetzChaimDaily 19 Adar

ChofetzChaimDaily 19 Adar 5:5 Saying that someone is weak, can damage him for shidduchim or in getting a job. Asur to say that ploni isnt as rich as thought to be, if it will make it hard for him to get a loan. 5:6 RULE: It depends on who you are talking about; whats positive for one person, might be

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