June 2017


Chofetz Chaim Daily 5 Taamuz

Chofetz Chaim Daily 5 Taamuz 2:11 When a community board holds a private vote e.g. to decide whether or not to rehire the chazzan, the voters must NOT relate their own OR others opinions, even if it was positive, because that will inevitably shift the blame on the other voters.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 4 Taamuz

Chofetz Chaim Daily 4 Taamuz 2:9 Heter of Apei Tlasa doesn’t allow one to believe the story, add to it, or show you agree to it. See sefer for further elaboration. 2:10 Heter doesn’t apply if listener will believe what you’re saying. With all its limitations, applying this heter is rare, and many authorities disagree with it anyway.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 3 Taamuz

Chofetz Chaim Daily 3 Taamuz 2:7 If the speaker told the 3 listeners not to repeat the story, then one can’t repeat it, even if other 2 didn’t obey. 2:8 No matter what wording he used to tell listeners not to repeat, you must not. Heter of apei t’lasa doesn’t apply if 2 people said LH to 2 others.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 2 Taamuz

Chofetz Chaim Daily 2 Taamuz 2:5 Aforementioned heter doesn’t apply if one of the three people would not relate what was said (i.e. he’s a relative or he’s very scrupulous). 2:6 LH from one city is not considered public knowledge in another city


Chofetz Chaim Daily 28-30 Sivan + 1 Taamuz

Chofetz Chaim Daily 28 Sivan 1:5 It doesnt matter who is asking for information, it is always asur to speak LH. 1:6 Asur even if it will cause a financial loss, even job loss. 1:7 Asur to speak LH even if it will create an awkward/embarrassing situation. Chofetz Chaim Daily 29 Sivan 1:8 Asur to write or hint LH. 1:9

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Chofetz Chaim Daily 27 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 27 Sivan 1:3 Someone who habitually speaks LH is called a Baal LH which is a terrible sin & punishment. 1:4 One who commits a cardinal sin is punished in this world and loses portion in the world to come. A Baal LH is as bad as all three.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 26 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 26 Sivan. Beginning of LH laws 1:1 Asur to speak negatively about anyone. If true, called LH. If false, Motsi Shem Ra. Biblical source: Lo selech Rachil 2:2 This is the specific verse for LH, there are many other sins one transgresses as well.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 25 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 25 Sivan Arurin: 1)Arur makeh reiehu basaser. Curse for one who speaks LH. 2) Arur mashgeh iver baderech. Curse for one who places stumbling block 3)Arur asher lo yakim es divrei HaTorah Hazos. Curse to one who habitually commits any sin. 4)Arur makleh aviv v’imo.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 23-24 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 23 Sivan 11)Es Hashem Elokecha tira. Fear G-d. 12) Limud HaTorah. One could have been learning instead of speaking LH. Chofetz Chaim Daily 24 Sivan. 13)Midvar Sheker tirchak, if its a lie. 14)Vihalachta bidrachav, to act like Hashem and not speak LH. This concludes positive commandments. ?????? ???? ????? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?”?


Chofetz Chaim Daily 21-22 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 21 Sivan 7)Umikdashi tiraoo. Do not speak LH in shul. 8)V’hadarta pnei zaken. Do not speak LH about a chacham or old person, definitely not in front of them. Chofetz Chaim Daily 22 Sivan 9)V’kidashto. Do not speak LH about a Kohen in front of him. 10)Kabed es avicha v’es imecha. Also applies to step parents and

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