Chofetz Chaim


Chofetz Chaim Daily 23 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 23 Sivan 11)Es Hashem Elokecha tira. Fear G-d. 12) Limud HaTorah. One could have been learning instead of speaking LH.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 22 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 22 Sivan 9)V’kidashto. Do not speak LH about a Kohen in front of him. 10)Kabed es avicha v’es imecha. Also applies to step parents and older brother


Chofetz Chaim Daily 21 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 21 Sivan 7)Umikdashi tiraoo. Do not speak LH in shul. 8)V’hadarta pnei zaken. Do not speak LH about a chacham or old person, definitely not in front of them.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 19-20 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 19 Sivan 3)B’tzedek tishpot amisecha. LH may come from a person not judging another favorably. 4)V’chai achicha emach. LH can cause loss to another’s livelihood. Chofetz Chaim Daily 20 Sivan 5)Hocheach tocheach es amisecha. One should rebuke a LH speaker 6)Uvo tidbak. Cleave to Chachamim and do not join a LH group


Chofetz Chaim Daily 17-18 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 17 Sivan. 16)Lo sachnifu es haaretz, if one agrees to a an LH story to gain approval of speaker. 17)Lo sikallel cheiresh. One may not curse another. Speaking LH commonly causes one to transgress 17 negative commandments! Chofetz Chaim Daily 18 Sivan. LH causes one to transgress many positive commandments. 1)Zachor… asah Hashem L’Miriam. Remember and do

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Chofetz Chaim Daily 16 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 16 Sivan 14)Lo sisa alav cheit. One may not shame another. 15)Kol almanah v’yasom lo saanun. One may not pain a widow or an orphan.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 15 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 15 Sivan 12)Lo yiheye kikorach v’adaso. One may not cause machlokes. 13) Lo sonu ish es amiso. One may not pain another.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 14 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 14 Sivan 10)Lo yakum eid echad. One person may not tell LH to Beis Din. 11)Lo siheye achrei rebim laraos. One may not join a LH group.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 12-13 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 12 Sivan 5)Hishamer… Pen Tishkach Es Hashem… Mitzva not to be haughty 6) Lo Sichallilu Es Shem Kadshi. Warns against chillul Hashem, which one causes when speaking LH. This is especially true if one’s actions negatively influence others. Liluy Nishmas Avraham ben Avigdor Sanders Chofetz Chaim Daily 13 Sivan 7)Lo Sisna Es Achicha…. Don’t hate 8)Lo Sikom.

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Chofetz Chaim Daily 10-11 Sivan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 10 Sivan Commandments that one transgresses with LH: Negative commandments – 1)Lo Selech Rachil B’amecha (if the info is false then it is Motsi Shem Ra) 2)Lo Sisa Shema Shav Don’t accept a bad report. Refers to speaker as well, because we also read as Lo Sasi (do not tell) Chofetz Chaim Daily 11 Sivan Negative commandments

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