Chofetz Chaim Daily 9-10 Adar

Chofetz Chaim Daily 9 Adar  3:5 Asur to say LH in a sneaky fashion, i.e. to pretend you don’t realize that ploni acts this way or that what you’re saying is negative 3:6 Asur to say LH even if you know in advance that it wont cause any harm to the subject.
Chofetz Chaim Daily 10 Adar  3:7 One must judge his fellow favorably as it says Bitzedek tishpot amisecha. Often, not doing so leads to LH (see sefer for more details). 3:8 Even in scenario that one isnt obligated to judge favorably, one still must not relate what he saw, unless all the conditions are met. See chapters 4, 5, & 10.

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