Chofetz Chaim Daily 19-20 Teves

Chofetz Chaim Daily 19 Teves 9:5,6 One may only tell R about a potentially bad partner if they are not yet partners. If they are already partners, it depends. If R is the type to immediately break the partnership, you may not tell him. If he will just protect himself from losses, you may
Chofetz Chaim Daily 20 Teves 9:7 You may tell someone that ploni stole from him or damaged him. However, you must rebuke ploni first and fulfill the 5 conditions(ibid). 9:8 If you are allowed to tell, you must. If you are not allowed to tell, even if the someone begs you, you must not. 9:9 When you can’t tell the ploni, you cant tell others either.

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