Daily Halachos


ChofetzChaimDaily 16 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 16 Iyar 8:4 Rechilus is asur even if the comment ploni made wasnt so bad, ex. When Sarah said, and my husband is old, Hashem didnt repeat that part to Avraham. 8:5 if someone tells you a secret, you may not repeat it, it can damage him and isnt derech tznius.


ChofetzChaimDaily 15 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 15 Iyar 8:1 Asur to say Avak rechilus – negative implication (e.g. to tell R how ploni said lets not talk about what R did). 2) Praise that will cause hard feelings is also avak rechilus (e.g. to praise one before his spouse or partner about their charity giving; it will make the other think their wasting their money).

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ChofetzChaimDaily 14 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 14 Iyar 7:5 Asur to believe rechilus regardless of who is telling it to you, even ones spouse. The ChofetzChaim gives some advice; showing your willingness to listen, will bring many more such stories and with them much heartache.


ChofetzChaimDaily 13 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 13 Iyar 7:3 Asur to tell someone how ploni badmouthed him, likewise asur to tell that someones wife and relatives because theyll get upset at ploni. 7:4 Much worse to say rechilus to a non-Jew about a Jew, because he may harm the Jew. Also asur to denigrate product or service that Jew provided for non-Jew.


ChofetzChaimDaily 12 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 12 Iyar 7:2 Asur to say rechilus on an am haaretz. On a Talmid Chacham is much worse a)its probably false b)it violates mitzvah to honor and respect them c)much worse ramifications (i.e. can ruin his influence, create big fight, he will lose his position).


ChofetzChaimDaily 9 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 9 Iyar 6:5 Mutar to believe rechilus told to you by a trustworthy person ONLY if the info is crucial and he saw it firsthand. 6:6 Trustworthy means someone who never lies, and you trust him like two witnesses, for all matters. 6:7 Nowadays we cant determine who is trustworthy, so you cant believe it.


ChofetzChaimDaily 8 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 8 Iyar 6:3 If somebody lost a government job or contract, asur to suspect any Jew that he informed on you. Even if you hear that ploni informed on you, asur to believe it. Even if ploni is quiet, it doesnt mean he agrees to accusations. 6:4 Asur to believe rechilus even if many people told it to you

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ChofetzChaimDaily 7 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 7 Iyar 6:1 Asur to believe rechilus even if it was said in the presence of many people. 6:2 Asur to believe rechilus even if said in front of ploni the subject. Even if he doesnt protest it doesnt mean he agrees to the story. Besides why would you believe someone whos saying useless info and committing many sins,

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ChofetzChaimDaily 6 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 6 Iyar 5:6 If one is positive that ploni spoke about him, but what he said can be understood in two ways, one is obligated to judge ploni favorably. 5:7 One who believed rechilus must remove the story and negative feelings from his heart, just assume whoever told you didnt have the facts straight, also do teshuva to Hashem.


ChofetzChaimDaily 5 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 5 Iyar 5:5 The Chofetz Chaim bemoans the widespread practice of people asking others what ploni said about them & whats plonis opinion of them, because its a very destructive behavior and transgresses many negative commandments.