Daily Halachos


ChofetzChaimDaily 28 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 28 Iyar. Conclusion. If you think the in-laws are not really going to support the amount promised, you can say if a) you are positive he wont fulfill (not just because he isnt wealthy) b) its a make it or break it issue for the boy 3)the boy is really all hes made to be, otherwise it cancels out!

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ChofetzChaimDaily 27 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 27 Iyar Conclusion. Serious negativities of a shidduch include: hidden illness, apikorsis and pritzus. Asur to tell about boys lack of Torah knowledge, cuz if they were really concerned, they could have had him tested. Whenever your allowed to speak, u must make sure to fulfill all the conditions in Rechilus Chapter 9:2.


ChofetzChaimDaily 26 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 26 Iyar Shidduch Scenario: BE CAREFUL. If you know serious negative info about a potential shidduch, u must tell other side. Chofetz Chaim warns against destructive labeling i.e. to call a temimesdike person not so sharp. Besides ruining potential matches, it degrades being temimesdike. Asur to degrade someone b/c of their parents or ancestry.


ChofetzChaimDaily 25 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 25 Iyar in case of partnership, one shouldnt assume that plonis poor financial situation makes him a bad candidate for a partnership. BUT in this and similar scenarios where u yourself may not want him as a partner, you shouldnt recommend him either, that might be bad advice.


ChofetzChaimDaily 23 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 23 Iyar 9:13 If buyer will cause seller any unrightful loss, asur to tell him that he was overcharged. The Chofetz Chaim bemoans the common practice of people degrading others purchases when buyer has no claim min hadin, and therefore no toeles. Most often the sayer isnt educated enough to be able to determine correct current value of the

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ChofetzChaimDaily 22 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 22 Iyar 9:11 If buyer already made purchase AND HAS A VALID CLAIM (was cheated more than 1/6 and not too long since purchase), you should tell buyer IF a) dont exaggerate b)intend litoeles* c)try to rebuke seller first d)try alternative method first e)make sure that buyer won’t tell seller your name. *be sure that the buyer is the

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ChofetzChaimDaily 21 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 21 Iyar 9:10 If you see that a store intends to cheat a buyer (overpriced more than 1/6, false scales, selling junk as if its quality), you must warn him to stay away.


ChofetzChaimDaily 20 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 20 Iyar 9:7 You may tell someone that ploni stole or damaged him but you must rebuke ploni first and fulfill the 5 conditions(ibid). 9:8 If you may tell, then you must, and if you cant then even if the someone begs you, you must not. 9:9 When you cant tell the subject, you cant tell others either.


ChofetzChaimDaily 19 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 19 Iyar 9:5,6 When you are allowed to tell R about a potentially bad partner, thats only if theyre not yet partners, if theyre already partners it depends; if R is the type to immediately break the partnership, then you cant tell him. If he will just protect himself from losses then its ok.


ChofetzChaimDaily 18 Iyar

ChofetzChaimDaily 18 Iyar 9:3 If you know that R is plotting to hurt S, you must tell S provided fulfillment of aforementioned conditions. 4) you must be sure that by telling S, hell stay away from R, but if hes type to make preemptive strike on R and make a bigger fight, then you cant tell him.