October 2018


Chofetz Chaim Daily 24 Tishrei

Chofetz Chaim Daily 24 Tishrei. 13)Midvar Sheker tirchak, if its a lie. 14)Vihalachta bidrachav, to act like Hashem and not speak LH. This concludes positive commandments.


Chofetz Chaim Daily 12-23 Tishrei

Chofetz Chaim Daily 12 Tishrei 5)Hishamer… Pen Tishkach Es Hashem… Mitzva not to be haughty 6) Lo Sichallilu Es Shem Kadshi. Warns against chillul Hashem, which one causes when speaking LH. This is especially true if one’s actions negatively influence others. Chofetz Chaim Daily 13 Tishrei 7)Lo Sisna Es Achicha…. Don’t hate 8)Lo Sikom. If one is taking revenge 9)

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