Chofetz Chaim Daily 4-5 Kislev

Chofetz Chaim Daily 4 Kislev 8:1 The Issur of saying LH applies to men and women, strangers and relatives. 8:2 Asur to say LH ABOUT men or women, including your spouse and in-laws.

Chofetz Chaim Daily 5 Kislev 8:3 Asur to say LH about a child if it will put him in a bad light or cause him damage. 8:4 Asur to say LH about an am haaretz. Saying LH on a scholar can often be in the category of mivazeh Talmid Chacham which is a terrible sin. Someone who’s a Rav and toils in Torah is considered a Talmid Chacham.

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