Chofetz Chaim Daily 15-16 Cheshvan

Thank you Rabbi Yehuda Cahan for the following clarification regarding yesterday’s segment:
According to contemporary Halachic authorities, even if the subject is a sinner, they will most likely be classified as a “Tinok Shenishba” e.g. someone who didn’t receive a proper Jewish education, or did, but has unfortunately had negative life experiences beyond their control. Therefore one may not defame them no matter what the circumstances. As with all Lashon HaRa questions, in case of doubt one should seek the advice of a Rav.

Chofetz Chaim Daily 15 Cheshvan 4:9 If you see someone has bad middos, you may not badmouth him because he probably doesn’t realize the severity of his actions. Instead, influence him to change. 4:10 You may tell your children or students to stay away from a person with bad middos. However, you must explain why you are telling them.

Chofetz Chaim Daily 16 Cheshvan 4:11 One seeking info about a potential shidduch/partner may ask others, and they may say necessary info (See rechilus Chap. 9 for more detail). However you must explain why you are asking so it will be with proper intention. One MAY NOT ask those who do not like the subject.

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