Chofetz Chaim Daily 8-9 Iyar

Chofetz Chaim Daily 8 Iyar 6:3 If somebody lost a government job or contract, asur to suspect that a Jew informed on you. Even if you hear that ploni informed on you, asur to believe it. Even if ploni is quiet, it doesn’t mean he agrees to accusations. 6:4 Asur to believe rechilus even if many people told it to you or its a popular rumor.

Chofetz Chaim Daily 9 Iyar 6:5 Mutar to believe rechilus told to you by a trustworthy person ONLY if the info is crucial & he saw it firsthand. 6:6 Trustworthy means someone who never lies, & you trust him like 2 witnesses for all matters. 6:7 Today, we can’t determine who is trustworthy, so you can’t believe it.

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