Chofetz Chaim Daily 24-26 Cheshvan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 24 Cheshvan 6:7 The sin of LH is commonly caused by not judging favorably. 6:8 It is much worse if the subject is a Talmid Chacham, whom one must try harder to judge favorably.

Chofetz Chaim Daily 25 Cheshvan 6:9 Anything that is asur for someone to SAY, is also LH to BELIEVE. 6:10 One is allowed to SUSPECT that a story is true, IF there is toeles e.g. to protect himself etc. However one must still treat this suspect as a regular Jew for all matters.

Chofetz Chaim Daily 26 Cheshvan 6:11 Heter to suspect is only to protect yourself. It is absolutely forbidden to mistreat, release oneself from obligations to, or hate that person. 6:12 Tshuva from believing LH includes removing the story and any ill will from your heart.

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