Daily Halachos


ChofetzChaimDaily 27 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 27 Nissan 1:10 Asur to rekindle an old fight, even without saying details, just hinting it. 1:11 Asur to write rechilus. Asur to tell storeowner how ploni badmouthed his merchandise.


ChofetzChaimDaily 25 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 25 Nissan 1:6 Asur to say rechilus even if not saying will cause a large financial loss, even losing ones job (like all negative commandments). 1:7 Likewise asur even if it will cause insult and embarrassment. The great reward for guarding ones speech is beyond human comprehension!


ChofetzChaimDaily 24 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 24 Nissan 1:4 Rechilus is asur even if it’s 100% true. Asur even if they already hated each other, Its a terrible sin if you create the hard feelings. 1:5 Asur even if youre pressured to tell the info, even if its your parent or Rabbi asking.


ChofetzChaimDaily 23 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 23 Nissan Richilus 1:1 One who says rechilus transgresses: Lo selech rachil biamecha, and many other positive and negative commandments. 1:2 Rechilus is: Telling someone that ploni wronged or said bad about him. Asur even if ploni wont deny it. 1:3 Rechilus is asur even if youre not intending to create hard feelings. Asur even if you think ploni

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ChofetzChaimDaily 11 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 11 Nissan 9:1 Asur to speak AVAK LH which means a negative inference e.g. to say: 1. who would think ploni would end up so good 2. its better we dont talk about ploni or 3. praising ploni in presence of an enemy, or excessive praise to any listener. 9:2 All praise is asur in public, except about universally

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ChofetzChaimDaily 10 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 10 Nissan 8:13 Asur for anyone to BELIEVE LH regardless of who the subject is, except for apikores and informers etc. 8:14 Likewise doesnt matter who its being heard from, even parents and family members. One is responsible for the behaviors his household and should therefore restrain them from LH and set a positive example.


ChofetzChaimDaily 9 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 9 Nissan 8:12 Asur to speak LH to a Jew. To a non-Jew is much worse because it causes chilul Hashem and he will definitely believe it and cause the Jew great damage. More terrible is informing on a Jew to authorities, equal to apikores and great punishment awaits him.


ChofetzChaimDaily 8 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 8 Nissan 8:10 Asur to say LH to anyone; men, women & children. Telling your spouse every time someone wrongs or insults you, will just involve them in fight, making it worse, eventually they will lose respect for you when they see your always being teased. 8:11 Asur to say LH to relatives siblings and parents.


ChofetzChaimDaily 7 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 7 Nissan 8:8 Some permit LH on baalei machlokes to cause those at fault to stop fighting, IF 1. you have good intentions & not hate 2. theres no other way to stop it 3. youre certain this party is the guilty one. 8:9 There is a cherem against saying LH about dead people, especially Torah scholars & their

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ChofetzChaimDaily 6 Nissan

ChofetzChaimDaily 6 Nissan 8:5 Mitzvah to say LH about a known apikores (one who denies anything of written or oral law) 8:6 If its just a rumor, you can suspect and stay away, but not believe it until you see it yourself or otherwise verify it. 8:7 Same laws apply for a rasha (someone who constantly commits major sins).