Chofetz Chaim Daily 18-20 Nissan

Chofetz Chaim Daily 18 Nissan 10:9 If people won’t suspect the speaker of going behind the subject’s back (eg. tzadik), then it doesn’t need to be said in front of 3 people. 10:10 Relating someone’s wrongdoing bein adam laMakom is only mutar if it’s a known aveira and you’ve seen him do it many times b’mazid, unless he is a Tinok Shenishba (someone who didn’t have adequate Jewish education or stable youth)
Chofetz Chaim Daily 19 Nissan 10:11 If you yourself was the one that was hurt, it is asur to spread because intention isn’t l’toeles. 10:12 It’s a bigger sin to spread if he didn’t even hurt you, just didn’t do you a favor that you expected.
Chofetz Chaim Daily 20 Nissan 10:13 You may tell others about the loss ploni caused, IF they can help you rectify it. Likewise, you may relate how ploni insulted you etc. if will help prevent it from happening again. 10:14 However one must be careful not to violate any of the 7 conditions.

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