June 2014


ChofetzChaimDaily 18 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 18 Sivan. LH causes one to transgress many positive commandments. 1)”Zachor… asah Hashem LiMiriam, to remember and not speak LH 2)Viahavta lireiacha kamocha.


ChofetzChaimDaily 15-16 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 15-16 Sivan. 13) Losonu ish es amiso, if the LH pains someone. 14)Lo sisa alav cheit, if the LH shames someone. 15)Kol almanah v’yasom lo saanun, if the LH pains them.


ChofetzChaimDaily 14 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 14 Sivan. 10)Lo yakum eid echad, if one person tells LH to beis din. 11)Lo siheye achrei rebim laraos, if one joins an LH group. 12)Lo Yiheye kikorach v’adaso, if one causes machlokes.


ChofetzChaimDaily 13 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 13 Sivan 7)Lo Sisna Es Achicha….= dont hate 8)LoSikom, if one is taking revenge 9) Lo Sitor, when one holds a grudge. (#8 always includes #9)


ChofetzChaimDaily 12 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 12 Sivan. 5) Hishamer.. Pen Tishkach Es Hashem.. = mitzva not to be haughty, which one clearly is when degrading others 6) Lo Sichallilu Es Shem Kadshi = warns against chillul Hashem, which one makes when speaking LH, because theres no physical pleasure involved. This is especially true if ones actions negatively influence others.


ChofetzChaimDaily 11 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 11 Sivan List of commandments that LH causes one to transgress. Negative Commandments: 1)LO SELECH RACHIL BiAMECHA. Includes LH. If the info is false then its Motsi Shem Ra. 2)LO SISA SHEMA SHAV meaning Dont accept bad report, also referring to speaker because we also read it LO SASI which means dont tell.. 3)Hishamer Binega Hatzaraas,= warning against speaking

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ChofetzChaimDaily 8 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 8 Sivan. Opening. In Hashems love for us he distanced us from the bad midah of LH which brings to fights and discord. The Chofetz Chaim details infamous history of LH: Aitz Hadaas- nachash, which created death. Mechiras Yosef – shibud mitzrayim. Maaseh miraglim caused galus. See sefer for more details.


ChofetzChaimDaily 5 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 5 Sivan The sefer CHOFETZ CHAIM was written to educate the public in keeping the laws of LH and Rechilus. Its contents gathered from Rishonim and Poskim. The main text is the concise law. The sources are spelled out in the Beer Mayim Chaim.


ChofetzChaimDaily 4 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 4 Sivan. Intro. Widespread nonobservance of hilchos LH is because of 1. ignorance of the laws 2. false heterim. This is primarily because for ages, there was no sefer that clearly spelled out all the halachos.


ChofetzChaimDaily 3 Sivan

ChofetzChaimDaily 3 Sivan Some reasons why LH is so bad are because 1) When people speak or listen to LH that gives the satan the ability to prosecute, & the heavenly court the right to listen to your sins 2)it damages the potency of all prayers and Torah learning that comes from ones mouth 3) its a habit that piles

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